An Alpharetta Job Revisited

We have worked with many great clients over the years.  And with some of these good people we move from home to home.

And right up at the top of this list are Mr. and Mrs. Scott in Alpharetta, Georgia.  We were referred to them when they were building their first house in Alpharetta.  A parking court, planting and a pool area was installed.  What was notable about that first house was that the pool was going to be in a second phase, but because the lot was kind of steep, it was designed completely and the supporting wall and dirt was set up in anticipation of the the pool.  When they were ready for the pool it had a prepared home.

The Next Home: Maybe 8 years later, they move to another house in the same neighborhood. When they like a neighborhood, they like a neighborhood.  So we were fortunate enough to be brought in again.  This time instead of a new home, we were renovating the grounds of a previously owned home.

And now 8 years later again, and I am enjoying working with the fine people again.

Here is a recent 360 photo.

And check back as I am looking for a link to the HGTV show that was done about this project.




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