Improving Your Outdoor Privacy

These days stories and warning about email privacy is big news.

Privacy on all fronts is important. Many people are thinking about the challenge of achieving some privacy in their own backyard!

And as the population grows, privacy is going to be more and more relished. Not only is our growing population making our living spaces tighter, we have a more transient population. You really can’t count on your good neighbor staying around for so long.  Who knows what kind of buddy you will be with the next neighbor. And houses seem to be getting taller,with some neighbor’s homes possibly looming 3 stories over your backyard.  So as a homeowner you might be even more motivated and challenged to figure out your backyard privacy.

Attached is an article on privacy, buffers and landscape screens I contributed to a local magazine.  Maybe it will help you make some decisions on how best to approach privacy in your backyard.

(Note: This article is 2 pages, and loads as a pdf file.  Look for arrows on lower left side to move to the 2nd page.)





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